Gym Espace Forme is located within the Club. It is often described as a "well-kept secret." Discover a bright, clean and spacious training center, with large windows overlooking the island's nature. A safe workout environment with the supervision of professionals. 


Gym Espace Forme offers one month, 4-month and 12-month memberships. No initiation fees.







All our memberships give you access to the cardio and weight areas, the gym equipment, the stretching area, the weekly group classes, the locker room, the sauna and the towel service. Prices do not include taxes.
*Special rates applicable on memberships depending on age group: 50% discount for 18 years and under; 30% discount for 19 to 25 years old; 10% discount for 65 years old and over. These rates can’t be combined with any other discounts or promotions.


A personalized service to optimize your training and get quick results in a safe way.


3h Package

6h Package

12h Package

Personalized program



Starting January 3rd, 2022, all non-members will have the opportunity to purchase a 12 hours training session package without a gym membership. To enjoy a package of 12 training sessions with one of our trainer, please contact Jennifer Morse at

Outside of your training session, the access to the facility is not included in your package.

Non-member 12h package

*Les prix affichés ci-dessus n’incluent pas les taxes.
Our cancellation policy complies with the Office de la Protection du Consommateur: if the member cancels their membership before using it, no fee will be charged. However, if the cancellation is made within a period less than or equal to 1/10 of the terms of the contract, from the time the Club began offering its services, the Club may require payment of an amount corresponding to 1/10 of the total price stipulated in the contract.
 en conformité avec l’Office de la Protection du Consommateur: si le membre annule son abonnement avant de l’’avoir utilisé, aucun frais ne lui seront exigés. Par contre, si l’annulation est faite dans un délai inférieur ou égal à 1/10 de la durée du contrat, à partir du moment où le Club a commencé à offrir ses services, le Club peut vous réclamer le paiement d’une somme correspondant à 1/10 du prix total prévu au contrat.
Cell phone use should be limited to music with headphones. It is forbidden to film or take pictures in the Gym except with the authorization of the Management.
Children of 13 years and under are not allowed in the gym unless they are under the supervision of a coach or trainer. Teenagers between 14 and 15 years old can access the gym and use the equipment only after having had a minimum of 2 private training sessions (personalized program) with a trainer on their first 2 visits.unes de 13 ans et moins ne sont pas admis sur les plateaux de conditionnement physique à moins d’être sous la supervision d’un entraîneur de Club. Les adolescents de 14 et 15 ans seront autorisés à accéder au Gym et ses équipements seulement après avoir eu un minimum de 2 sessions d’entraînement privé (programme personnalisé) avec un entraîneur du Club, à leurs 2 première visites.